Work shop The 5th Jogja International Performing Arts 2010

The 5th Jogja International Performing Arts Festival 2010


Violence becomes the significant part of daily happening of the recent human culture, coloring the recent reality. Human civilization seems to be trapped in a dark tunnel of crisis: global communities, homes of families down to personal level. Much has been written about the problems of personal violence, local or regional wars, nuclear weapons, military intervention, economic burdens, and the wars. Reflections on peace and understanding solutions to our global dilemma grant an invaluable perspective and encouragement toward facing this horrendous situation.
While the human civilization comes to their journey on searching for peace, the existence of art is often seen within the line of their hope on peace. Art has been imagined as the humanness virtue of peace; the artistic willing, senses and instruments, that reflecting the human’s need to seek their utopia, their hiding place within self, where everything means for peaceful existence. Thus by singing, dancing, performing or visualizing, the hopes reflected.
The existence of ART and the searching of PEACE have constituted cultural dialogue for centuries. Arts, the domain of cultural sense of creativity, have the power to touch human’s heart, to influence people from within their sensitivity. At the end of the millennium, many works of art answering the challenge to interweaving many differences of humancultures. Manytraditionalandmodernsocietieshaveshownthattherealityofartshaveplayedagreatroleon the reflective side of life, on peace making, within or towards individuals and communities.