Jun AManTO

Jun is a butoh dancer,performing worldwide his original Kabuku-Mai dance which is based on his discovery of the unique way that the ancient Japanese people aurally moved their bodies

the movemet,he realized, reflects harmonious way of living which is all about achieving the highest good of all beings.
and he suggests that relearning it can help us retrieve and remember the connection this modern society has lost

in 2001,he established a community-cafe Salon de AManTO to provide a space for nurturing diverse and creative ideas that serve humanity.
It led to be a big cultural movement that is known as `AMantTo Phenomenon`and it has attracted more than 100 shops, restaurants and galleries in its neighborhood.
By 2012 ,the movement has grown to become as eco village`Area AMant To`,with 11shops under the direct management.
The team has been also committed to working with local and global charities, such as supporting its recovery in Tohoku area,orgnizing events lice 'active lohas' and '365 earth day', and helping refugees.
The consistent effort and the determination of the team has been drawing much attention from the media overseas such as Korea,Philippiens and Indonesia.


Me'ever - hosting people and dreams
4 Har boker, 80600 ミツペ・ラモン