Shuka 3 3.3-3:33

Shuka 3 3.3-3:33

The public holiday on November 3, the event from 3:00 to only 33 minutes.
Small improvisatorial performance .
We are waiting for you with this space.
Let's feel together this place left for 40 years by the Osaka Umeda within the circle.

Dance: Jun
Sound: Jerry Gordon

Nov. 3, 2011 (Culture Day)
Open: 2:30pm
Play: 3-3:33pm

FREE admission, but 1 drink required

以下は友人Jerry Gordonからのコメントです。

Those of you who are familiar with Nakazaki-cho may know about the cafe Salon de Amanto and its creator, the buto dancer Jun. You may also know that Jun has created several other spaces in the Nakazaki-cho area, including a gallery, a bookstore, a performance theater, a cinema, a vegetarian restaurant and a very cool bar called Shuka. All of the places have been recovered and rediscovered from old or abandoned buildings in the neighborhood.

Jun's a one-man force of urban renewal. He has done all the building work himself and the spaces keep that vibe.

Well, Jun has recently recovered a space attached to Shuka that he calls Shuka 3. It's a beautifully vague space that includes a stairway to nowhere, the ruins of a garden and a wall decorated with a map and calendar from long ago. It is not clear yet what the space will become, but right now it has a really cool energy of being between lost and found.

I love playing in such undetermined spaces, and Jun has agreed to perform with me. So this will be he and I playing FOR the space.

It will be a FREE admission show (1 drink required) starting at 3PM and ending at 3:33.

Here is a map of the area. Shuka 3 is at the same place as Shuka. Closest station is Tanimachi subway's Nakazaki-cho, exit 4.